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Bobotie is a South African classic and an important part of our culinary heritage. It’s also one of my favourite meals, but this doesn’t make me special: everybody loves bobotie. As with many other South African cult hits, the best and original way is in a potjie on a braai fire. I believe it’s your moral duty to perfect the art of making bobotie. It’s a great way to show off when you cook for visitors to South Africa. And here you have a version that is vegetarian.

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This recipe is in actual fact very simple and obvious, but as South Africans, we al love the taste profile of a classic bototie. So why not make it into a burger

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Bobotie Potjie

From the Gourmand World Cookbook Award winning book Red Hot, JanBraai’s bobotie potjie recipe. All the ingredients, all the steps. Bobotie is a South African classic and an important part of our culinary heritage.

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Jan Braai vir Erfenis episode 5

Episode five of “Jan Braai vir Erfenis” aired on kykNET channel 111 this past Friday. Catch it every Friday at 17:30 with reruns on Saturdays at 13:00, Sundays at 08:00 and Mondays at 03:00. We realize that you might want to do some of the things that we did on the show yourself. As such […]

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South Africans replace Romans in Bath

“They really need to do some renovations,” was Jan Braai’s simple appraisal of the Roman Baths in Bath, a world heritage site that pays tribute to the Roman presence in the area two thousand years ago. With the Romans long gone, the cultural attraction is steeped in history; Jan was far more interested in the […]

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