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Owner of Skududu Media, writer and presenter, captain of the Mighty Dodos celebrity hockey team, and defender of the gas braai.

Ireland’s National Braai Day

With a little convincing – and it really doesn’t take too much – you can almost make yourself believe that they’re all cheering for you; that a couple of hundred thousand people have left home to line the streets in cheering throngs, raising the roof in an emerald chorus assembled entirely for your benefit. After […]

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Jan and Dan’s Irish adventure

National Braai Day team goes on outreach to St Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

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Braaiday in 3 cities

The epic tale of 4 braais in 3 cities by 2 men in 1 day.

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Taking it to the streets

It made for an entertaining contrast: Liezel van der Westhuizen, a towering figure even without eight inch heels, alongside Socrates Georgiades, or DJ Sox, as dancefloors across Ibiza, Greece, Los Angeles and greater Camps Bay know him. Sox is four foot three in his platform Havaianas, and usually has a crate under his turntables to […]

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Quenching World Cup thirst

This Friday is absolutely massive for all South Africans, a day we’ve been counting down to with rabid excitement. But in case you’ve been living in a Libyan cave and don’t know just why Friday is quite so monumental a day, some enlightenment: it’s exactly 15 days until National Braai Day. And, as an afterthought, […]

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