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Depending on whether you prefer speaking Greek, Turkish or Arabic around the braai fire, you might also like to call this meal a gyro, döner or shawarma – it’s really up to you. Whatever language you speak, the important thing is to gather around a fire. Everyone loves this meal and as a bonus, it looks great in photos.

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While we did our research about the truth behind what goes into a Burger King Wopper, we found that the way they build and layer the ingredients is a big part of the recipe and adds to the taste of the burger eating experience itself. This time we made the biggest wopper ever! 1 size serves all! To make your job easier, buy ready made dough at your local super market if you dont feel like making it from scratch

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Bolognese Quesadillas

I used Denny Bolognese sauce for this recipe, but you can always just use left over bolognese, or make it from scratch. This was one of my favourite meals that we prepared on the TV show. It is so easy and extremely delicious.

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This meal works very well as a substantial starter for a fancy and expansive braai meal, where the mains would be meat served with a side of vegetables or salad. However, it is a delicious recipe, quite rich, and robust enough to stand on its own as a main meal, which is how I usually enjoy it.

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This burger recipe has all the good qualities of a kofta. This will be a great addition to your usual burger braai.

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