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Enter the National Braai Tour at

Entry information for the National Braai Tour!

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National Braai Tour Information at

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I discovered this dish during a trip down the Amalfi coast in Italy at a restaurant situated on a rocky beach in a
small fishing village. In worse than broken Italian I asked for whatever the chef considers his speciality dish. In
front of my eyes a fresh fish was carried from a boat into the restaurant and that same fish was on my table a little
while later, with this pasta on the side. As with all my favourite Italian dishes,

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Pina Colada Chicken Burger

One of my favourite cocktails is a Pina colada. The base of this cocktail is then inspired and used in this recipe. Serve it with your own home made Pina colada cocktail at your next braai.

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Garlic bread used to be a very popular side dish at every braai. We think here at the Braai head quarters it is time to bring the garlic bread back, and make it better than ever before.

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