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Enter the National Braai Tour 2018

Entry information for the National Braai Tour!

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Jan Braai Namibia Tour

All information and entry form for the Jan Braai Namibia Tour

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My malva pudding recipe is based on that original recipe and is published with Michael’s blessing. The single biggest adjustment from the original recipe is that I bake the pudding in a no. 10 flat-bottomed baking potjie on the fire, and not in a conventional oven.

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Chicken tikka masala is one of the most famous meals to come from a tandoori oven, which is a cylindrical clay oven heated by a fire, almost like a braai. Tikka means ‘pieces’ but chicken tikka refers to a specific meal of chicken pieces marinated in a masala spice and yoghurt, skewered and cooked in a tandoori (or, in this case, braaied). Chicken tikka masala is one of my all-time favourite curries – and sure to be one of your’s once you’ve nailed this recipe.

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National Braai Tour Information

Saturday 9 September – registration Registration is at the Tsogo Sun Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town on Saturday 9 September. You can register at any time between 12:00 – 18:00. Registration is compulsory. You get everything you need and lots of cool stuff you don’t need at registration. We will all sleep at the Cullinan […]

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