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Marmite and Cheese Steak

A sauce with marmite, mushroom and cheese, go very well with steak. We have ourselves a winner!

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Bushveld Steak Rösti

This recipe is as magnificent as a sunrise in the bushveld and equally photogenic. Braai it early in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee brewed on the fire before facing another tough day in Africa.

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Mustard Ice Cream and T-Bone Steak

In life, ice cream always make things better. In the case of mustard-flavoured ice cream, it even improves braaied steak!

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Tour de Braai

Our Goal We are delighted to present you with a new concept: Tour de Braai – Travel on Gravel, the easiest and most relaxed multi-day cycling stage ride in South Africa. Tour de Braai aims to give cyclists a few great days of touring, holiday, braai and riding a bicycle through beautiful parts of South Africa. Our […]

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Coffee-Spiced Steak

When exposed to the searing heat of a braai fire, ground coffee beans develop a flavour that complements braaied steak really well. Curiously, it actually makes a beef steak taste even more like a beef steak.

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