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Chocolate Braaibroodjies

So we all agree that a braaibroodjie is probably the best meal in the world. Then it just makes sense to make a dessert braaibroodjie. Now you can have braaibroodjies for starters, main meals and dessert.

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Mieliepap Fish cakes

The mieliepap adds a great crunch and texture to this recipe. You are welcome to use any type of firm white fish, even left over snoek from your braai can work. WHAT YOU NEED: 500 g fresh fish 3 spring onions 1 tot fresh parsley, chopped Juice and zest of 1 lemon 4 potatoes, cooked […]

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This is a revolutionary burger. It’s the vegetarian meal that meat-eaters love. I like to make them using those
normal supermarket hamburger rolls with no substance, as it keeps the focus on the mushroom.

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Tomato Risotto

This is comfort food at its best! Serve it as a main meal or as a side to your boerewors or steak braai. Also note that I make this risotto in my own way, you first make a soup full of flavour, then add the risotto rice, and then let it simmer until thick and […]

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Mieliepap Tert

The traditional recipe for the iconic mieliepap tert consists of layers of pap, tomato, cheese and other delicious ingredients like bacon, mushrooms. In this case, I just mixed it all together, let the flavours combine, and in such a way you create this amazing flavour of pap and all the other ingredients together. Give it a try next time you are having.a braai.

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