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This is one of those “excuse me?” recipes. People will think you have made a mistake when you tell them you are serving chocolate risotto for dessert. But don’t be dissuaded by their disbelief, because serving this will make you stand out as a culinary genius – this recipe is a real showstopper. It’s simple, easy to make, and most importantly, absolutely decadently delicious.

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In a world of uncertainty, there are always things you can be sure of. Bananas becoming too old to eat before you’ve got to them is one of those certainties. This might happen at home in your kitchen, but very often also happens in one of your food crates while touring or on holiday. When those brown spots of age appear on your bananas, this is your cue to make and bake a banana bread potjie – something absolutely fantastic.

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Steak with marrow bone sauce

This recipe is a nice party trick to sever your steak at your next braai. Instead of the usual pepper or cheese sauce, use the rich taste of marrow to compliment your steak.

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Pot roasted buns

We all agree on the cult status of braaibroodjies, or as the Queen refers to it, South African fire-toasted braai sandwiches. What follows below drew inspiration from various submissions. And so, for our next magic trick, we’re packing the flavour right into the dough and we’re giving the rolls the brilliant benefit of some potjie taste!

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Chocolate Braaibroodjies

So we all agree that a braaibroodjie is probably the best meal in the world. Then it just makes sense to make a dessert braaibroodjie. Now you can have braaibroodjies for starters, main meals and dessert.

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