Braai4Heritage Tour Day 28: Durban

Celebrating Durban's surf heritage by surfing one of its famous waves. I'm that little guy in black.

The first European to visit Durban was Vasco Da Gama, on Christmas Day 1497. He named the area ‘’Terra do Natal’’ which means “Christmas Country” in Portuguese. But the Portuguese decided to stick to their harbour up in Maputo and Durban was left alone for quite a while. It was only in 1824 that a group of settlers negotiated for the land with King Shaka. They named it Port Natal. In 1835 it was renamed to Durban after the governor in Cape Town – Sir D’Urban. In the early days Indians were offered working contracts and permits and many of them decided not to return to India when those contracts expired, hence the large concentration of Indians in Durban these days. This leads me to the first of three parts of Durban’s heritage that we celebrated there. Indian Spices and Curry. The other two important parts to Durban’s heritage that we celebrated was surfing and Sharks Rugby.

Legendary shaper Spider Murphy explains some of the special chracteristics of my new surfboard to me. This type of board is called "The "Bomb" and it worked like a bomb when I surfed it shortly thereafter (photo above).

Brand new surfboard, warm Durban water and waves, big smile.

After the surf session we went to a spice market where I acquired three different custom made masalas. When I get home there will be many chicken curry potjies and many lamb curry potjies..

Some day Beast eats the most braaied meat in the team. According to him, it’s Bismarck du Plessis and Willem Alberts.

Willem Alberts is seriously one of the most decent persons I have met in my entire life. Add to that the fact that he braais at least four times a week and you can understand that we got along well. I kindly requested him not to run head-on into Bakkies Botha, as the impact might result in the end of the world.

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