Braai4Heritage Tour Day 21: Ellispark

Braaing at a very important heritage site.

The idea of shared Heritage is a foreign concept to many South Africans, and the Braai4Heritage vision is to have all South Africans celebrating our common love of cooking food over an open fire once a year. But when we have one and all braaing on 24 September every year that will not be the first time that the entire population of a democratic South Africa is patriotic, proud and happy at the same time.

The ball curved in. It was over. I promise.

That happened on 24 June 1995, and it is for this reason that we found ourselves at Ellis Park on day 21 of the Braai4Heritage tour. To braai on the spot where Joel Stransky kicked the winning drop goal of the 1995 Rugby World Cup from. This spot in Ellis Park is an important heritage site. That moment was a game-changer on the road to reconciliation. This was our South African moment, the moment we became world champions. The Joel Stransky spot is that magical place where New Zealand finally realized that they didn’t just play against another team, they played against a whole country. And it was the first time that all the citizens of a democratic South Africa were patriotic and jubilant at the same time.

The whole thing was filmed and will be part of the "Jan Braai vir Erfenis" TV show on Kyknet starting in July.

Boerewors was braaied. Obviously.

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