Top 10 braai tips

Earlier today a journalist asked me for my top 10 braai tips. Considering that I did not have such a list of tips, I sucked them out of my thumb. Here they are:

  1. Nothing beats a real wood fire.
  2. Gas is Afrikaans for a guest at your braai, not something you braai with.
  3. Braaing is the only fat-negative way of cooking food. Even when you steam it, the fat in the food stays behind. When you braai, the fat drips out.
  4. Never braai with indigenous wood. Alien vegetation like Rooikrantz and Blackwattle drink lots of ground water and besides, it’s good burning Australian rubbish.
  5. Braaing is a direct form of energy use, from the coals, to your meat. With conventional electricity there is a lot spillage between the power plant, power lines, electricity box, wires, stove and pan. If you love the earth, braai.
  6. Have enough ice at your braai. To put in Klipdrift & Coke, to keep Castles cold, and to treat burn wounds with.
  7. Smoke flies to pretty people, so send them to the kitchen to go and make salad.
  8. Animals eat grass, leaves and vegetables all their lives and convert it to meat. Eating meat is like eating vitamin pills.
  9. A cow must only be killed once. Do not braai you steak until the flavour is dead.
  10. A braaibroodjie is your chance in life to have you bread buttered on both sides.
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  1. Dilligaff'd
    Posted July 16, 2010 at 7:56 am | Permalink

    If you love the earth, and are ok with moving into the 21st Century, consider yr carbon footprint and try gas, or gas with a few woodchips for that woody smoky flava :)

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