How to make soccer more interesting

Those braaiers with a better grasp of soccer, or football as some call it, have been very upset by the lack of technology used by referees during games at the past World Cup. Some goals were mistakenly disallowed, and other goals were mistakenly awarded. At some stage FIFA even said they would relook the issue of introducing technology into the sport. However, apparently president Blatter actually wants the referees to get some of the calls wrong, as “this creates controversy, and makes the game more exiting”. I cannot agree more.

A typical game of 0-0 soccer

A typical game of 0-0 soccer

I am not a scholar of the soccer game, and as such I probably don’t appreciate some of the finer points of play. I find the games either exiting, or boring. For me, finding a game exiting is directly proportional to the number of goals scored, and a 0-0 draw is a waste of time. In the group stages I can understand and tolerate teams playing for a draw, however, in the knockout stages, this is simply unacceptable. Thus, in addition to not using technology, I think that the game of soccer can be improved in the following ways. When teams are 0-0 after 90 minutes, both fall out. The two teams competing in the other leg of that phase, both go through. This will serve as motivation to play more attacking soccer. Even if you lose by playing attacking, you can still go though, if both teams in the other game play boring defensive soccer. For example on Tuesday 29 June, Japan & Paraguay should both have been eliminated, whilst Spain & Portugal should both have advanced.

In the final, when the scores are 0-0 after 90 minutes, then the winner of the playoff for 3rd place should get the trophy. If you did not manage to beat your opponent in 90 minutes, you don’t deserve to call yourself the world champion.

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