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a braai in the summer aka – a braai without the br!


a very short braai


I´m from Brasil!
the word abraço is HUG in portuguese! I love South Africa! A big HUG to you all!! So a ABRAAIço to you all!!! A united country is not only stronger but happier!


a Jewish braai


One of the most useful South African words. Pronounced “ach” like in the German “achtung”, it can be used to buy you time when having to reply to a tricky question, as in: “Ag, I don’t know.” Or a sense of resignation: “Ag OK, I’ll have some more mieliepap then.” It can stand alone too as a signal of irritation.

anti braai tendencies

When the weather is bad i.e raining or extreme cold. This should not stop you from being counter-weatherlutionary and still having a braai.


If somebody makes an ass of himself/herself at a braai you call them an Asskebab


various meanings and can be widely used to express something positive e.g. hello, yes, nice, good


afrikaans for boss, the guy holding the braai tongs


Backup-gletser • /bêk-ap-glet-sêr/ noemnaam beskrywend en identifiseerend aan: Daai stuk ys in die sakkie wat net nooit in blokkies wou breek nie. Wat dan uit blote frustrasie uit die sakkie verwyder word om dan doelloos en eensaam in die vrieskas rond swerf vir ? week of twee. Die dag as jy vergeet het om ys te koop dien die stuk sy eindelike doel om net daai eerste dop oor die lippe te help kry. Soms is daar stukkies brokkoli putte in vas gevries, maar onder omstandighede mag dit egter ge ignoreer word.


a dish, made from aluminum or stainless steel, used for storing the meat in before and after it is braaied. Some braaiers use a glass bak, but there is a safety concern in this. When you eat straight off of the braai, then a bak is unnecessary.


Australian slang for barbeque. What you learn to call a braai when you immigrate there.

Beech braai

Dit is ‘n bring en braai, maar wanneer jy en jou pelle oppie beach gaan braai. Dit help as jy naby die see bly.


1) dried meat eaten during rugby or road trips 2)what you become when you fall asleep on your beach towel

black wattle

Alien vegetation that uses a lot of water when alive. Good for the environment to chop it down and braai with it. Versatile braai wood, burns easily when dry, and makes decent coals.


Although this is a brand-name, it is used as a universal term in South Africa for fire lighters of any kind or brand. A frequently asked question at many a braai: “where is the blitz?”


When you light the blitz intending to braai but instead just end up getting blitzed sonder a braai.


Braai Met Wiele: A up-class mobile braai with wheels for mobility.

BMW (Braai Met Wielle)

Braai met wielle wat hier daar of enige plek gesleep kan word om te braai.


In Gauteng, the name for the border that seperates Johannesburg & Pretoria, and in the Western Cape for the border that separates the city centre from the northern suburbs. Historically, the Afrikaans speaking “boere” live predominately on one side of this invisible border.


abbreviation for boereworsroll


Braaied boere wors in a bread roll with home made tomato & onion sauce- similar to a hotdog but worlds apart in taste.


(bok-dop-en-tjop) – appropriate for a ‘bring and braai’ – you may bring your bok (babe), your dop (drinks) and tjop (meat of choice)


a conference. You and your friends coming together to discuss your strategy for National Braai Day.

braai freedom

The abilty to braai when and where you like. Also know as ‘unmarried’.

braai hard

90’s action movie about a really rough guy who braais a lot

Braai hijacker

the guy that you dont really wanna invite to your braai, but have too. Cause he is someones boyfriend. He claims to be a chef and manages to hi-jack the braai when the Real braaier goois a dop.

braai passenger

Person that arrives for a braai without any meat but joins in the eating.

braai the beloved country

a call to action for all South Africans to braai on 24 September each year

Braai tongs

Weapon of choice for the braai master


a very long braai


Toasted sandwiches made with cheese, tomato, onion and a dash of chutney, then slowly braaied in a closed grid on light coals until golden brown on the outside and the cheese has melted on the inside.


Female performing supporting role during a braai. E.g. making salad, marinating meat, making braaibroodjies.

braaied fruit

Its like dried fruit, but its braaied.


When you enjoy the meat prepared by the braaier, use as a word of praise. “Wow, this steak is good, braailient!”


Something most men claim they are. Refers to the person in charge of the braai you attend.


a counter revolutionary who is against braaiday


The guy at the braai who steals your drink


Your braai companion if he is married to your sister.


Serving a braaied meal to a person as an offer of peace and reconciliation.

breakfast braai

An early morning braai, taking place before noon. Similar to a normal braai, except for the sun coming up and not going down. One of the few occasions where alcohol is perfectly acceptable before 12.


1. your chommie, china or brother 2. if you put a pot on the fire you let the stuff inside bru


gravy made of tomato, carrots, greenpepper, onion, curry, oil, chilli – though most of it can just be curry alone. Some also add green peas as well. It is nice and chilly!


A replacement for wood.


1. friend, buddy, chommie 2. Birthplace of communism

Chris Barnardjie

Uit die hart van die Karoo – Beaufort-Wes. ‘n Gemarineerde skaaphartjie met ‘n vulsel van uie, spek, sampioene, verskeie kase ens. Ongelooflik lekker!

Chuckie braai

Die tyd van die maand wanneer niemand geld het nie, so ons koop die goedkoopste vleis en gaan braai dit op die beach met toasties.


Erg verbrande vleis


When it’s raining and the weather is bad, but you still braai.


As die vleis hopeloos te lank op die rooster gebly het en dit ‘n goeie plaasvervanger vir jou Grasshopper se sool kan wees


After the invention of the CADAC Braai, someone felt it would be fitting to invent a sport game to accompany the CADAC braai, so they invented the game of cricket


food, kos


Mix for your Dop


1. boudflos 2. Someone who is still standing after a night of partying


1. @#!?#* 2. anything you can’t remember the word for: Give me that dinges for the chops


Simmilar to DINGES but more commonly used around Natal. Derived from This Thing or That thing. Pronounced DIS (DIStant) Ting (TrING without the R)

doek sag

a way of describing very tender meat, as in “hierie steakie is nou vi jou doek sag!”


Die ou wat op die kole trap, sy meise vettie noem of toelaat dat sy pelle sy dop skink


A rude word, it comes from the Afrikaans “donder” (thunder). Pronounced “dorner”, it means “beat up.” A team member in your rugby team can get donnered in a game, or your wife can donner you if you come back from a braai at three in the morning.


1. Skilpad se klere 2. Fail/ slaag nie 3. What you drink at the braai


Bring&braai, Jy bring jou eie vleis en drank (Dop en Tjop) saam, die gasheer gee hout-en-sout.


What you say when the consequences of being the domkop takes effect


Widely used by all language groups, this word, derived from the Afrikaans, means “ouch.” Pronounced “aynah”. You can say it in sympathy when you see your friend the day after he got donnered by his wife.


Eish is often used to refer to cubes of frozen water that you add you your drink when you braai. Eish can also be used as a term to express a feeling of extreme surprise or astonishment. Example: If your wife complains because you burned the meat, you can say “Eish!”

Ek s

Common greeting at a braai – Ek s?, Ek s? – dinge lyk lekker!


1. Tippex 2. As iemand jou dop verkeerd geskink het


Braaied chicken- Chicken cut open on chest from neck to budhole, spread flat open on braai grill.

Flou kole

at the end of the braai and the booze is up everyone is flou kole (very tired)


1. Boring guy at the braai 2. A fire that is nog hot enough to braai 3. A joke no one laughs at


1.hole in the ground – you can braai in a gat 2. ass/bum – jy gaan jou gat sien!


1.Policemen 2. Exclamaition when you burnt the meat or the police is coming: O gatta!


1. when you are tired or fed up 2. when you’ve placed the bread and coles inside the hole to cook – gatvol


1. When you invite your fahter, your brother, you boyfriend, ex and husband to the same braai


1. When you’ve succsesfully coped with a ‘gedoente’ you will be this


form of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the eye area in order to prevent smoke from striking the eyes. This is caused normally as a result of a fire made by a learner fire starter.


Lamb tjops. In the Cape, it is considered an appropriate, accompaniment to a fish braai.


A braai where all meat used is ‘Halaal” also referred to as a “Slaam braai”


Stop !!!!!!!!!!


Often used at the end of a sentence to emphasize the importance of what has just been said, as in “You’re only going to get donnered if you come in late again, hey?” It can also stand alone as a question. Instead of saying “excuse me?” or “pardon me?” when you have not heard something directed at you, you can always say: “Hey?”

High 5

Whats a hoesit and a hi at a braai without a solidified high 5 to sign a greeting off?


Wat Transvalers mee braai.


Waar jong braaiers gaan om te leer van verskillende soorte hout, wat die beste werk vir watter vleis, hoe lank elkeen neem om uit te brand, die tyd wat elkeen se kole hou voor dit as is, kap en saag tegnieke om toe te pas sowel as die geskiedenis, biologiese stamboom en oorsprong van die bome waar die hout vandaan kom.


This is a universal South African greeting, and you will hear this word throughout the country. It is often accompanied with the word “Yes!” as in: “Yes, howzit?”. In which case you answer “No, fine.”


This is another great word to use in conversations. Derived from the two words “is” and “it”, it can be used when you have nothing to contribute if someone tells you something at a braai. For instance, if someone would say: “The Russians will succeed in their bid for capitalism once they adopt a work ethic and respect for private ownership.” It is quite appropriate to respond by saying: “Izit?”


a loosely used South Africanism when?agreeing over an issue, ie: that wors was lekker? Ja-nee,?very lekker!

Jake White Braai

When it’s O.K. to lose a few pieces of meat to the fire because in the end the meat that stays on the grill is what counts!


Wat jy jou hande mee afvee as jy klaar tjops en wors ge-eet het. Jy is jammer vir die lappie. As jy nie die jammerlappie gebruik het nie maar jou hande aan jou broek afgevee het dan s? jy jammerma.


Wat jy vir jou worshond , Lappies, s? as jy op sy stert getrap het.


Wat jy vir ‘n mooi stukkie veld s? as jy daardeur met jou 4 x 4 gery het.

Jan Braai

The man behind National Braai Day


“Yes No” in English. Politics in South Africa has always been associated with family arguments and in some cases even with physical fights. It is believed that this expression originated with a family member who didn’t want to get a klap or get donnerred, so he just every now and then muttered “ja-nee”. Use it when you are required to respond, but would rather not choose to agree or disagree.


This is another conversation fallback. Derived from the four words: “yes”, “well”, “no” and fine”, it roughly means “OK”. If your bank manager tells you your account is overdrawn, you can, with confidence, say: “Jawelnofine.”


1. What you say when the braaier managed to turn a very big steak without trouble


1. Police 2. Guys 3. Boyfriends

Kalahari oester

Haal ‘n litchi se pit uit, stop ‘n mosseltjie in die plek van die pit, plaas ‘n repie spek om die litchi, steek vas met ‘n tandestokkie en braai in knoffelbotter


Another way of referring to charcoal briquuettes.


Brannewyn, Brandy


Somebody on thinks of as a friend


What you’ll get when you ash on the meat, spill the braaier’s drink or call your girlfriend ‘vettie’


1. when you want to appease your wife you ask for a kleintjie when they throw a round of drinks


Iemand wat sommer lekker mislik is by n braai of “where-ever”.Hy is n regte ou knortoffie.

Kraaifontein Cocktail

Dubbel brannas en coke


The braai that most South Africans have on the 25th of December. Kris (Christ) mis (mast)


1. Money – what you use to buy chips, chops en dops


1. Cool, excellent 2. What your father gets when you don’t clean up his braaiplace after you used it


another word for you best friend


1. How South Africans feel about their braais – they laaik it kwaai


Young male person used for getting the wood, firelighters and calling you’re wive when you need the meat


1. laugh 2. when a girl tries to take over a braai she’s a lag

Live and Let Braai

80’s fliek starring Roger Moer, flopped horribly because of the kak vleis in the UK

log off

Reduce heat of the fire by taking wood off

log on

make the fire hotter by adding wood

long reach

a long braai tong (vs “short reach”- a short braai tong)


‘n Luigat is ‘n ou wat by ‘n bring-en-braai aankom, sy vleis iewers naby die braai neersit, en dan vir die res van die aand by die vrouens sit en kakpraat


1. Semi vloekwoord – vlieg in jou maai


Where you get your beer before the braai.

meat bix

A breakfast bar made from meat and not wheat.


Die Vrystaters braai daarmee.


This is your by-suplement for your “Dop”!


1. Stupid person, coward, weakling: When you keep on inviting your skoonma to the braai because your wife told you to, you are a moegoe


to assault (from Afrikaans ‘moor’ – to murder) Wat die braaier met jou gaan doen as jy weer vir hom s? hoe om te braai


retard – ag nee man, jy is darem ‘n mompie (when someone drops the meat)


nog prima braaihout


1. alcahol 2. something to say at the end of some sentences – jy weet mos.

Mrs Balls

Exceedingly good marinade for all braaiers (Ag shame, Mr Balls!)


1. little flying gnat 2. muggies and skoonma’s are about the only things that can spoil a braai

Naas Botha Braai

When the person braaing drops everything!

No woman. no braai

proposed anthem for National Braai Day


It’s the word you use for a song when you are at a braai. e.g. “hey play a leka number man”


Soet kersies wat met repies spek toegedraai is en op ‘n stokkie geryg is – gewoonlik as “voorgereg” gebraai deur die braaier vir die braaier. / Sweet cherries wrapped in bacon and skewered on a stick and braaied by the braaier as “starters” for the braaier.

Pap en tik

The art of dabbing a ball of pap on the braai meat to smokkel a bit of flavour off the braai before the meat is done.


(1) ‘n Oondgereg wat bestaan uit Mieliepap bedek met tamatie en uie-sous en kaas; (2) ‘n Goedkoop dronk vrou by ‘n braai.

Peter de Villiers braai

A braai were the braaier talks so much rubbish that he ends up carbonising the meat.


Good, right, etc. “Jis, maar daardie wors was nou vir jou piele”


Gestopte vetdermpie, ai, hoe water my bek


Gestopte vetdermpie, ai, hoe water my bek




Brandewyn & Coke


Coffee and Brandy (as milk) / Koffie en Brandewyn (as melk).


Kompetisie tussen jou en die potjie om te kyk wie is eerste gaar.

Referendum Braai

When everyone around the fire has a different opinion on how to braai. The dispute is solved over a good few beers with everyone having had the chance to add to the poll.


Useful abbreviation for “Smoked Pork Ribs?”

Riekie Louw

Die gif in die coke by elke braai.


As die manne so lekker dronk om die vuur staan en grappe vertel en ‘n grap is so goed dat een van die ouens op die gras rol soos hulle roggel van die lag


Die persoon wat met lae kwaliteit vleissnitte opdaag by ‘n braai, dit op die rooster gooi en uiteindelik iemand anders se top kwaliteit snit annekseer as sy eie.


die hout waarmee kapenaars braai


ook prima braaihout


1) When you really are enjoying your braai, beer & rugby
2) English translation: like-it-broken
3) Can change it to shmaak-jou-stukkend to your chick(girlfriend) or goose(wife)


Die stukkie yster wat ‘n toeklaprooster se kante bymekaar hou wanneer jy braai.

Skilpad Braai

min vleis, baie dop (daar word meer gedrink as gebraai)


Not the little turtle down at the garden hedge, Caul fat parcels filled with liver. Real artery plugs!


Suppose to be two seperate words but pronounced as one. It is traditional mielie pap but made “slap”. No, it will not slap you and does not, unlike the ‘tjops’, have any beer or any form of alcohol in it. Dis nou vir jou ‘n slappe!

Smokie Robertson

“Name for, or description off” an amateur braaier battling to get flames going, with lots of smoke as result of his or her incompetence. Useful utterance to irritate the fire starter at a braai. (Made popular by a character with the same name in Blitz advertisements in the 80?s)


(1)iets wat jy oor vleis gooi (2) reen-weer wat interfere met die braai


iets wat jy braai (maar dit is nie ?n tjop nie)


Ek Braai


hoe jy lyk as jy te veel eet


This word has two meanings, 1. A form of braaing that involves a big piece of meat on rotary action shaft which evenly distributes heat over the meat that you’re braaing. or 2. When you invite your friends over and they spit(shovel) whilst you enjoy a nice relaxing braai!


Stoor, 1 s.n.w. soos vir n drankwinkel of bottelstoor , verwys na n kommersiele perseel wat hom daaraan toewy om alkohol aan die publiek beskikbaar te stel en te verskaf. “Ek moet “stoor” toe my dop is klaar”. of “Hi gaan gou vir ons stoor toe asseblief liefie ons is besig met die braai, en kan nie die vuur los nie”.


Wat oorbly nadat ‘n mielie se pitte af is. Word gebruik om vuur mee te maak.


Dis hoe jy voel nadat jy ‘n paar gebraaide marshmollows weggeslaan het

tan a tjop

Pronounced ‘ten uh tjop’ means a slow braai. Usually this starts when the boks play overseas and the game starts at 9am.

Tan n vleisie



Dit wat die ou met die glas in die hand die heeltyd staan en verkoop aan die ou met die braaitang in die hand.


1. Is n vriend 2. Jy noem iemand “tjoppie” as jy sy naam vergeet het en te skaam is om hom te vra wat dit is


Tjopswaai: to braai; turning chops on the fire, preferably with a dop in your hand

To Braai or Not to Braai…

here is the motto of International Braai Day…no doubt!


The wonderful sarmies made with cheese, tomato and onion, then toasted on the coals till golden brown and the cheese has melted.


Two braai grids clampted together to hold boerewors etc for easy turning on the braai.


braaing a piece of steak until its perfectly done


Braai meat it has to be tender and juicy. Just use normal wood and your matches ,once you have your coal, Yhoo its makoya .Rural and urban, you don’t have to but coal, just wood.


1) Pork neck – usually rolled up tight with string 2) What you call someone who is rude and inconsiderate at a braai


Tool for turning meat – long st/steel rod with sharpened barb at end (barb circular in shape and perpendicular to rod axis)

Vleisie tan



Lekker vars broodsnytjies met knoffelbotter gesmeer en in Foil toegemaak en op die rooster gebraai terwyl die vleis braai.


A Punch consisting of “white spirits” – Vodka, Cane, Gin etc. mixed with fruit like Watermelon, apples and pineapple


Twee stukke stywe pap met ‘n stuk slap pap tussenin.


Term used frequently before & during braai by members of the braaiing team to ensure adequate hydration


If you don’t know the meaning of this word, then you should not stand near the braai without the supervision of an experienced braaier.


Wielle are the round objects found on the bottom end of some “braais” or “grills”. These round devices were invented to enhance the transportation of goods from point A to point B. Today, “wielle” are often installed at the bottm end of the legs of a “braai” or “grill” to enhane the maneuverability of a “braai” or a “grill”. With the typical thunderstorm activity that is common on a Saturday afternoon on the Highveld, the addition of “wielle” to a “braai” or a “grill” is almost essential. You will need this to move the “braai” or “grill” to the “afdak” when the typical Highveld thunderstorm forces you to move your “braai” to a place where it will be protected from the rain. If you have a “built in braai” under an “afdak”, then “wielle” may not be required


prima braaihout vir ‘n warm vuur (Bolanders en Kapenaars braai daarmee)


a braai without meat

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