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I recently had a chat to the guys behind the “I’m South African Neutral” campaign. Their mission is pretty self explaining, but for those of you to lazy to read it, I will summarise their mission in braai language. It is this: We just want all South Africans to get along, and be happy. Pretty simple. If you also want that, support them by joining their Facebook page. Their campaign has nothing to do with politics or sport, so whatever team you support, you can continue to do so. Here is their logo, and below that, their mission statement. I agree with 90% of it. But I will continue to discriminate against people that braai with gas.

We have created a platform for South Africans who have had enough of the fighting, the anger and the polarisation to come together in the name of unity. And we’re growing. We’ve moving beyond just a discussion group of like?minded individuals into a more visible sphere. We choose the side of mutual understanding. Of respect for every race, religion and culture. And we welcome you to join us to make South Africa a place that is once again a shining example to the world.

We stand for a united South Africa. A South Africa where all our people work together for a common goal of respect and understanding. We will not be divided. We will not be forced to take sides. This is our country and we will determine the future. We are not aligned to any race, religion, organisation or corporation. We are South African Neutral.

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