When you make this bread, don’t be shy to mix it up, We used all the bits of cheese left over in the fridge and chopped and mixed it together. Feel free to add anything that you think will go good with your cheese combo. Use the bread to soak up the cheese, almost like a fondue.

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The World Cup of Beer

With the beautiful game’s ultimate celebration finally underway, possibly the most important question surrounding the World Cup (other than what to have on your braai during matches), is what beers would form the key contenders for a World Cup of Beer? It’s a hugely subjective debate, certainly, and one I’ve given up having with Jan […]

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American invasion?

Alright, so he still occasionally calls it a ‘barbecue’, and at heart he’d take Notre Dame’s ‘Fighting Irish’ college football team over his adopted Western Province. But for an American import, he’s taken to his new home impressively: Douglas Oberwortmann speaks reasonable Afrikaans, can explain the basics of the LBW law, and most importantly, is […]

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