Petrol accident at braai

As we all start to go into a trance like excitement ahead of Thursday, I wish to bring to your attention the dangers of starting a fire with petrol. Whilst I usually just look at a fire and tell it to light itself, I am aware that some of you use fire-lighters to get your fires going. There is nothing wrong with that. Others use paraffin, and some even use petrol, when they have nothing better available. When using petrol, please take care of the explosion, that will occur. You do not want to end up in a critical condition like The “braai mad” Robert Swanepoel in this article.

I will repeat myself, when using petrol to light a fire, be extremely careful. It will explode. That is what petrol does. It explodes. It is the reason why it makes your car drive. It causes little explosions in the engine.

Bloemfontein – A popular Aliwal-North businessman is in a serious condition after being badly burnt, apparently after pouring petrol over braai coals. The “braai mad” Robert Swanepoel, 38, was braaing with friends last Tuesday when the accident happened. He apparently poured petrol on braai coals and the petrol container exploded in his face. Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic spokesperson Amanda Appelgryn said Swanepoel is in the hospital’s intensive care unit. He sustained burns to his face, upper body and arms. He also inhaled some of the flames. “He is attached to a ventilator, and his condition is critical but stable. He will be going back into theatre tomorrow [Wednesday] to undergo further skin grafts.”

‘Very responsible’

Swanepoel’s wife, Merica, who has been keeping vigil at his bedside, was still extremely traumatised on Monday. “Robert and three friends braaied at our house about 23:00, after a meeting. The fire wouldn’t take, and someone suggested that Robert throw a bit of petrol on the coals.  “He braais often and is very responsible when it comes to such things.” She was working inside the house and their three children were asleep when she heard a deafening thud outside. “I ran outside. It was chaos. Robert was engulfed in flames and screaming ‘I’m burning, I’m burning!’.

Dog also burnt

“The dog was also burnt and was running around. Wickus Els, a friend, grabbed Robert and threw him to the ground in attempt to douse the flames.” The screaming woke the children, but she sent them back to bed. “Robert threw petrol in the petrol can’s top, and then apparently threw it over the coals. He held the petrol can in his one hand while he stood next to the braai. We don’t know what exactly happened next.” His sister Santie Terblanche said they had raced to the hospital in Aliwal-North immediately. He was transferred to Bloemfontein afterwards.  Swanepoel remains heavily sedated, she added.- Volksblad

The reason this tragedy occurred, is because they ran out of stock. Make sure you do not run out of stock on Thursday. You have about 24 hours left until braaiday. I know that certain shops who underestimated the demand are already running low on meat. Do you really want to be the guy only braaing mielies on Thursday? Stock up for Thursday now. As a matter of urgency.

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