How to get on or off the Braai4Heritage mailing list

I hate spam emails and if you are normal, so do you. The only way we will ever send you an email is if you leave your address in the “Make your Pledge” part of the website. We will then send you a maximum of one email per month, with the exception of September each year, where we will send you two, or three. Every mail that we send contains a button that you click once, and then we take you off the mailing list. If you leave your email anywhere else on this website, you are not on the mailing list, and will not receive our emails. The only time we use your address from anywhere else on the site, is for specific, one-on-one communication. This is when you ask something that we believe warrants a personal response; your recipe needs clarification; or, as happens more than you would think, some newspaper or magazine wants to use a photo that someone uploaded, and needs it in a higher resolution.

Thats it.

May the wors be with you!

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