Quenching World Cup thirst

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Keg King: the emergency services of beer. Bringing draught kegs to your door.

This Friday is absolutely massive for all South Africans, a day we’ve been counting down to with rabid excitement. But in case you’ve been living in a Libyan cave and don’t know just why Friday is quite so monumental a day, some enlightenment: it’s exactly 15 days until National Braai Day. And, as an afterthought, there’s a small rugby tournament starting in New Zealand as well…

The World Cup kicking off means even more fires being lit across South Africa, as we get stuck into the rugby with customary zeal. It’s a great way to build up to September 24, and at National Braai Day HQ, the big screens are up and running, the wood is stockpiled, and the Bok jerseys smelling slightly of smoke are ready to be donned. Oh, and we’ve got plenty of beer – thanks to the guys at Keg King.

Martin Tucker and Steve Forde. Unlikely to be running the Comrades soon.

Martin Tucker and Steve Forde like beer. They like beer so much that they’ve turned it into a fabulous business: Keg King. The white knights of the lager industry, they arrive at a moment’s notice armed with kegs, draught mugs, and assorted beer, already to be set up at a moment’s notice for your enjoyment. And it’s impossible not to enjoy beer on tap around a braai, either celebrating a Habana hat-trick, or decrying another inexplicable call from Stuart Dickinson.

They’re also the guys behind the annual Festival Of Beer in Cape Town, where Jan Braai had a cameo role last year that’s still being talked about; right now, though, they’re the emergency services of beer, and will be quenching thirsts across the Cape throughout the World Cup, and in particular over National Braai Day. If you’re in the area, get hold of them at www.kegking.co.za, and get ready to toast Braai Day, the Springboks, and the joy of being proudly South African.