Braai4Heritage ambassador Peter Goffe-Wood


Who is Pete Goffe-Wood?

Peter has been a chef for 23 years. Cooking outdoors has always been a passion, he once set fire to a split pole fence while trying to get a fire going in a minute garden in London. He also lived for years in Hout Bay with no stove surviving only on his Weber. The high point of his braaing career was coming 12th in the World BBQ Championship in 2001 and then 2nd place in the SA Braai championships in 2002 & 2003. Personally I would not really be proud of having taken part in a barbeque, but to each his own.

Why does Pete Goffe-Wood support Braai4Heritage?

“We have a diverse cultural base in this country particularly here in Cape Town. Cooking over open flames is the one thing that is common to all – gathering for food & friendship around the fire is where we all began in Africa and it is only fitting that Heritage & Braai Day are one and the same.”