American invasion?

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Alright, so he still occasionally calls it a ‘barbecue’, and at heart he’d take Notre Dame’s ‘Fighting Irish’ college football team over his adopted Western Province. But for an American import, he’s taken to his new home impressively: Douglas Oberwortmann speaks reasonable Afrikaans, can explain the basics of the LBW law, and most importantly, is a genius with a braai.

The owner of Cape Town’s iconic Hemisphere night club has a passion for South Africa’s seminal activity, and on the evening he unleashed the tongs with the Braai4Heritage team, he showed a touch of McGyver: armed with tomato sauce, two old bottles of peri peri, some mustard, and plenty of Castle, Doug conjured up an exquisite marinade, tossed in some rump, and ten minutes later was dishing out strips of perfect steak.
So, an American educated in South African culture – there’s hope for the United States yet. And Doug will be manning his braai through the World Cup (“I’m backing Bafana and the States for the final,” he reveals), and on to National Heritage Day on September 24. But will be be braaiing in his nightclub, 31 floors up in the heart of Cape Town, on the big day? “The fire inspectors would have heart failure, but you never know…”.