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While doing our road trip we realised the most popular snack next to the road is definitely biltong. All shapes and sizes and types. Biltong. It is a great snack, salty, full of protein and will keep you going for a bit. We collected so much biltong along the way, we thought, let us make the world famous biltong potjie! Another bonus is that all the ingredients are easy to get in small towns where there may only be one shop.

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You start by braaiing the skilpadjies over very hot coals, to caramalise the fat. Then you prepare your peri peri sauce. Serve it with toasted bread to mop up the sauce, peri-peri skilpadjies can be enjoyed as a meal on their own for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Alternatively, serve them with rice in starter portions […]

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Originally from Russia, this version of the old classic is right at home here in the Democratic Republic of Braai. To prepare a great beef Stroganoff you need the right ingredients and you need to follow the correct method. The most important procedure is to flash-fry thin strips of steak so that they have the taste of having endured intense heat, without completely drying out. It is best to do this is in your large fireproof pan, as there is no better way to truly generate lots of heat than with the licking flames of a proper wood fire.

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This recipe has the best of all the worlds. Meat, potatoes, mushrooms and lots of flavour!. Use your cast iron skillet to get the best end result. But your flat bottom no10 potjie will work just as great.

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When you make this bread, don’t be shy to mix it up, We used all the bits of cheese left over in the fridge and chopped and mixed it together. Feel free to add anything that you think will go good with your cheese combo. Use the bread to soak up the cheese, almost like a fondue.

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