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I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Nutella but if you do, welcome to Earth and I hope you enjoy your stay. This dessert is very easy to make and very difficult to mess up. There is absolutely no preparation work to be done ahead of time. Hence, it’s a good trick to have up your sleeve when you see the craving for dessert speaking to your guests at the end of a good braaied meal.


  • 6 white flour wraps (buy them at a supermarket)
  • Nutella spread
  • 6 bananas (peeled)


  1. Spread a layer of Nutella on each wrap, making sure to spread all the way to the edges. The spread doesn’t only add flavour to the dish but will also serve as the glue and keep the wrap together.
  2. Place a banana on the edge of the Nutella-covered side of a wrap and roll once. Now tuck and fold the sides of the wrap to the inside at the ends of the banana so that the whole wrap is the width of the banana. Keep on rolling the banana tightly until you end up with something resembling a giant spring roll. Both ends will be closed, and the roll will be neat and tightly rolled. Prepare all 6 wraps this way.
  3. Place the rolls on your grid and braai the wraps over medium heat. Use tongs to flip the rolls so that you braai them on all 4 sides. In total the braai should take about 8 minutes, depending on the heat of your coals, but please use your common sense as coals are not always normal after you’ve already had your main meal and returned to the braai area.
  4. The wrap will be ready once the outside is crispy and toasted, and the banana on the inside is soft. Slice into halves and serve as you see fit. I usually see fit to serve them with vanilla ice cream.