Best braai items for under R100

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Two days ago a journalist asked me what the 10 best braai items are that you can buy for under R100. Instead of simply giving her my own view I decided to use the collective braai wisdom of many South Africans and posted the question on Twitter. The question looked like this:
@janbraai: What is your favourite braai item for under R100?

If your name is Liam Beattie then this is what you can do with R20 steelwool and an old broomstick.

And the answers looked like this:

  • martin_ras Martin Ras: die rooster.
  • kosmoskind Lana Petersen: braaibroodjies on the grill cheese tomato union creamy garlic mayo
  • MichelleKang Michelle Kang: Pap and Hot Chakalala
  • MichelleKang Michelle Kang: Actually, short ribs
  • pietstreak pieter streak: beer?
  • bernarddeclerk BERNnard de clerk: If it’s over R100 it’s almost not a braai item anymore. Jimmy’s and Wine is on my list.
  • Bu_Bubbles Samantha Burrill: Sundowners (spicy chicken wings on a stick)
  • justinlake76 Justin Lake: garlic
  • donaldjpaul Donald Paul: Five bottles of red wine from my local dealer.
  • kreefstr6 ciscadeysel: 4 Loeriesfontein skaaptjoppies.
  • bigric Eric Stokes: wood!!
  • bigric Eric Stokes: or actually a nice sharp nice for cutting off little snacks while braaiing
  • nico_kotze Nico Kotze: 10 bottels Jimmy’s
  • PieterCoetzee1 Pieter Coetzee: 2 x T bone’s in a Jimmy’s marinade,2 x potatoes in foil, 2x champion wors!
  • H3DLiamBeattie liam beattie: steel wool for 20 bucks & a broom handle… not edible, but great “firework” party tricks
  • NevDB Neville: JMPD (pork) chops
  • StephanUlrich Stéphan Ulrich: BEER! Mos not a braai without it?
  • Cathee_A Cathee Asulin: Newspaper instead of firelighters
  • maltyren tyren: Chops
  • KevinMcCallum Kevin McCallum: Wood.
  • AMG133 Amith Gosai: @KevinMcCallum Good thing you didn’t say gas
  • ChrisRoperZA Chris Roper: @KevinMcCallum generally, it only costs R70 for a bottle brandy, then you can bribe some Sarf Efrikan man to take over and do it
  • KevinMcCallum Kevin McCallum: @ChrisRoperZA No bribe needed. A braai is like catnip to some South African men. They run to it.
  • King_Ramesses Gareth Liebenberg: 1kg fillet from Van Vuurens wors in Bloem
  • JoshWest07 Josh Westcott: Pick n’ Pay ribs!!!
  • TankLanning Tank Lanning: 5 packets of Oepsies from Spar for a spectacular pre starter snack with bitterly cold beer
  • GarethRosslee Gareth Rosslee: @TankLanning what about your guests? Also a fan of on oepsie or 3!
  • byronrode Byron Rode: fillet steak marinated in soya sauce and ground mustard seed. Seared over super hot fire.
  • paulscott56 Paul Scott: Short rib, homemade marinade. Comes in well under R100. @cazpi and I lived on it as students
  • CamGreen Cameron Green: 2009 Hermit on the Hill’s White Knight makes for one of the best braai item under R100.
  • jeanlegrange Jean le Grange: That’s easy! = Blitz!
  • foodie_za David C: pork shoulder (slow-braaied, shredded, on roll with sauce)
  • ivan_kiewitz Ivan Kiewitz: Nandos..
  • chris_brunsdon Christopher Brunsdon: Woolies steaks !!!!
  • roxxstarrdom Roxi Newham-Blake: 1KG premarinated Pork Loin Ribs from Spar or Pic n Pay R79 – R99. melt in your mouth!!
  • AMG133 Amith Gosai: Lamb
  • rudi_cronje Rudi Cronje: A snoek, some apricot jam and a French loaf.
  • Wille_Willie Willem van der Gryp: Most definitely decent braai tongs.
  • NickJ_Robson NickJ_Robson: Jimmy’s….
  • DarronDiesel D to the iesel: wood and blitz, dop, vleis and garlic roll. In that order.
  • rambowine Rob Armstrong: skilpaadjies
  • dannicholl Dan Nicholl: R99.95 worth of Argentinean steak.
  • bradykelly Brady Kelly: Hmm… good wors, way under R100 as well.
  • idale Dale: Lamb Chops
  • bradykelly Brady Kelly: @idale I can eat dozens of well braaied lamb rib chops and still want more. That’s my only problem with them.
  • yuppiechef Yuppiechef: This is one of our favourite under R100 braai buddies:
  • PieterCloete Pieter Cloete: lam ribbetjie (Karoo lam) flip, nou is ek sommer lus vir braai!
  • ShazPhoto Sharon: Wors
  • wwwynand_za Wynand Coetzer: I think 18 beers just about makes it in under R100.
  • weskaap37 weskaap 37 lion matches
  • PiesangsTwits Riaan Cornelius 1KG Rib-Eye