Beef, Recipes


  • 4 portions sirloin or rump steak of around 250–300g each

  • 2 tots biltong spice
  • 1 tot water
  • 1 tot Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tot brown vinegar


  1. One day before the braai, mix all of the ingredients for the marinade (which in this case is actually a brine) together in a dish that will fit the steaks. The mixture will resemble a sort of paste.
  2. Add the steak to the paste and give it a good rub with your clean hands, ensuring that every surface of each piece of meat is covered by the paste. 
  3. Cover the dish and keep the meat in the fridge for in the vicinity of 24 hours, so plan your braai accordingly. Go check on your steak at least once or twice that day and give it a turn and possibly a rub, just to make sure everything is still on track and to ensure that both sides of each steak sometimes get to be at the bottom, where there will be more juices to chat with. 
  4. On the day of your braai, remove your meat from the fridge so the meat can return to room temperature when you want to start braaing.
  5. When the coals are ready, braai the steaks for about 4 minutes per side, and not more than 8 minutes in total, over hot coals until medium rare.
  6. Take the meat off the grid, let it rest for a few minutes and serve the steaks sliced or carved into thin strips.