Boerewors in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Boerewors Information

If you know where to find the dealer, this wors could be yours.

A few weeks ago I visited a friend in Amsterdam, (the one in the Neterlands). This particular friend is of Dutch origin, a Holland local so as to speak, but spent the whole 2008 in South Africa and is well versed in the art of braaing; naturally then, we braaied. In the Netherlands they have a shop similar to Spar/Checkers/PicknPay called Albert Heijn where we went to stock up for said braai. Unlike the supermarkets in South Africa, this one did not stock boerewors, quite a problem I think you will agree. What it did sell though was a “grill pan”. This pan is full of holes and will be no good for frying eggs at your breakfast braai, but this pan is very good for going things like stir braaied (fried) vegetables, prawns, or anything else too small to comfortably braai on a braai grid. We very successfully used such a pan during the Braai4Heritage Tour on the day in St Lucia, and since then I’ve been on the lookout for one. So I acquired a few of these pans (they are now in SA) and a variety of vegetables to braai in them that evening. It’s very easy, wash and chop the vegetables, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Stir braai in the pan over hot coals until ready.

The braai pan. If you see one, buy it.

But this did not solve a bigger problem; we still needed boerewors, generally a tough thing to get hold of when you are not in South Africa. Enter Andre, Mr. Boerewors Netherlands. Andre left South Africa about 20 years ago for reasons of the heart and settled in Holland with who is now his wife (and now two kids). Not long after the craving for boerewors started speaking with Andre pretty strongly and he had to make a choice between boerewors and his woman. He found a solution. One Friday after closing hours he annexed a local Dutch butchery and produced for himself a supply of boerewors. Word of this feat quickly spread through the ranks, and he was overwhelmed by requests from other South Africans in that part of the world to supply them as well the next time he produces boerewors.

This particular piece had cheese in as well. You can spot it to the front left.

Quickly Andre became the go-to man when you needed your boerewors fix in Amsterdam. He was your dealer. Andre realised that he is fulfilling a great service to mankind and decided to quit his job, and help people in need of boerewors on a full time basis, all for the greater good of braaing. The operation trades under the name and can be found exactly there. Obviously .nl is Dutch for so it’s really not that tough. You can order online and the boerewors is distributed through and network of suppliers, dealers and runners. So there you have it, if you are in North Western Europe and you need boerewors, you know where to find it.