Braai anthem “Our Heritage” released

National Braai Day song

In December last year I went to a birthday party in Cape Town. At this party I met the artists of the bands AKing as well as Die Heuwels Fantasties. We talked quite a bit about braaiday, as they were all big supporters of the concept. A few rounds later the idea was born to create a song about this day on which all South Africans unite around fires. About a month later I had the privilege to attend a concert by multiple Grammy winners The Soweto Gospel Choir. My crazy idea that night of getting the Gospel Choir involved in this project was made a reality by Woodchopper and Die Heuwels Fantasties putting in the hard yards over the past few months. These boys also suggested getting rappers HHP and JR on board. An inspired decision, I am sure you will agree. Pieter van der Lugt, who wrote the words for the title song to the 1980’s Voëlvry tour, graciously agreed to write the lyrics, and the production was done by Johhny de Ridder. The end result today is a song written, performed and produced by as diverse a crowd of people as you will only find in South Africa. You can download the song free of charge by following the link on the homepage. If you are a DJ and need it in an even bigger megabyte form, please get in touch and we will gladly supply you with it, again, free of charge.
If you like it, help us by getting it to number one on a few radio stations by, well, requesting it. Video recordings were made during the production of the song, and a music video will be released shortly. Visit the website for updates on this matter.
To download the song for free, click here.