Braai Day is coming to America

Braai Talk

In life you sometimes cross paths with certain people that you suspect will still go places. Darias Jonker, a university friend of mine is one such person. I turned out to be correct. After Stellenbosch Darias went places. First to Cape Town, and then to Pretoria. But he did not stop there. In Pretoria he got posted to the South African Embassy in Washington DC as a diplomat. As such, Darias contacted me over the weekend to discuss my ‘Top 10 braai tips’ as well as how we will institutionalize National Braai Day in America. Seriously. If you are living in the USA and have been waiting for this moment, it has arrived. Similar to Neil Diamond, Braai Day is coming to America. Darias also pointed that I have not yet posted the music video of ‘Blaas jou Vuvuzela’, a song about braaing by Jack Parow & the Kalahari Boereorkes on the website. So here it is: