Braai Day making headlines in Switzerland

Past Media Coverage

The mission of the Braai4Heritage initiative can be found here. The implications of success of this initiative, and the rapid growth that the message of Braai4Heritage is currently seeing, is not escaping the attention of world media. Find below an atricle that recently appeared in the biggest French newspaper in Switzerland, 24 Heures:

I cannot really speak French, so what I did was to put the above article into Google Translator. According to Google, this is what is says:
“It is important to build our nation by celebrating our common traditions. And what which is more common than the South African braai?” These words are by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and what famous, the braai is none other than barbecue, a national sport has the same right, since 2005, a holiday, the National Braai Day. The idea of uniting South Africans around their barbecue may seem farfetched, but those who have already experienced a braai can then understand how the makes grilling meat and vegetables on the coals is important here. It’s all an act where people gather, where discussed around the fire while drinking a few beers. Some braais may take several days! If Desmond Tutu, second most important man in the Reconciliation of South Africa has agreed to sponsor the adventure is good for this concept of sharing. He said in 2008: “It’s a fantastic thing and a very simple idea. Never mind your political views, your culture, your race or anything, it’s just a thing we do together recognizing that we are a great nation.” Today, the National Braai Day is always worn by Jan Scannell, its founder, who has renamed itself in Jan Braai. And South Africans are still likely to celebrate even more.