Braai Day song downloads hit 3000 mark!

National Braai Day song

Tuesday saw the official launch of the Braai Day song, called “Our Heritage” for free download from this site.  The website developers told me this morning that the song has already been downloaded more than 3000 times, in the short space of 3 days! The music men and women at Soft Light City tell me that this is some sort of record. I told them it’s not, because it’s not finished. It’s 3000 and counting.
We cannot really say where this whole this is going at the moment. As with the original idea of gathering all South Africans around fires, it’s simply spinning out of control (in a good way.)
At this point of time, no one for sure knows all the words of the songs yet, as the rappers were so of the hook that even they cannot remember exactly what they sang about braaing. The official music video is currently in production and will be released online shortly.
To download the song for free, click here.