Braai Lamb Chops, lots of them

Braai Information

You can braai lamb chops to your heart's desire if you enter this competition.

In a well publicised and much talked about promotion, officially know as “A lamb a day gets National Braai Day underway”, we are giving away sixty lambs, in sixty days, until National Braai Day. Unofficially this competition is also known as the “Lamb Shank Redemption” and “Silence of the Lambs”. The difference between the official name and the two unofficial names is that the one was approved for public release by the PR agency I use to help me spread the National Braai Day message, and the latter two was not approved by the PR agency, even though I preferred them.
To enter the daily draw for the lamb give away, go here. Now whereas I’m quite happy to just give these lambs away every day and make all of you exited to celebrate National Braai Day, my colleague Frans was not. For the sake of distinguishing between Frans and myself (Jan Braai) I’ll just refer to him as Frans Slaai. Coming from a more traditional advertising background than me, Frans Slaai said that we need terms and conditions for this give away, and he drew up these terms and conditions. They will follow a little bit later down. If you are interested, you can scroll there. But first some good news: Frans Slaai spoke to the people at SA Pork, and they gave us a few pigs as well. So in addition to the daily lambs, we are soon going to start giving away pigs as well. No, I am not joking.
Ok, here are the rules, as compiled by Frans Slaai. If you follow them, you can win a whole lamb. That is lots of lamb chops for you to braai.

  1. We choose the winners.
  2. You can enter the competition daily, by going to the National Braai Day Facebook fanpage.
  3. Prizes are only available in South Africa. We are not sending any lambs to you in London via train nor plane.
  4. Generally, you can only win once. We use a random number generator to choose the winner. If that thing randomly chooses you twice, then we might make it choose again. On some other days we will choose the best of funniest comment to win.
  5. We’ll get you your prize as soon as possible but remember we are talking about lambs here. You can’t just send them with DHL. We need to make arrangements with a local butcher in your area.
  6. The winners need to respond to our messages within seven days, otherwise you forfeit the prize. In such a case we will give away two lambs on some other day. Or 3. The point is, we will give away at least 60 lambs, even if you don’t want yours.
  7. While it is our intention to give away 60 lambs, we might raise the steaks on some days and for example give away a cow. But the minimum prize every day will at least be a lamb.
  8. No, you cannot get cash. We are not a bank, we are in the business of promoting National Braai Day.
  9. We take no responsibility whatsoever for issues you have with your prize, or what you do with it. If you have issues with the lamb, speak to the local butcher where you collected it.

I’m sorry about all these rules, but Frans insisted.