Braai4Heritage Tour Day 6: Springbok

Braai Adventures

Step 2 of playing Springbok Sevens is taking your picture at this sign.

Springbok is the biggest town in the Namaqualand area of the Northern Cape. It is 560km north of Cape Town, 900km south of Windhoek and 375km west of Upington. In short then, Springbok is the biggest town in the middle of no-where. The town is surrounded by the Klein Koperberge (small copper mountains) and originally came to being as a being a commercial centre for copper mining activities. It was founded in 1862 and originally known as Springbokfontein, but in 1911 this was shortened to Springbok. Today the town is best known for the fact that you pass through it on your way to Namibia. As with every other part of Namaqualand the area turns into a flower garden in spring. Springbok has 300 days of sunshine and 4 inches of rain per year, which makes it very unlike London.

Skilpadjies, Pofadders, Lamb Rib, Boerewors, Lamb Saddle Chops. All with compliments of Die Plaasslaghuis on Springbok. And yes, we really did braai all of that. But then I had to lie down.

During our visit to Springbok I played Springbok Sevens, which works as follows:

  1. Wear a Springbok jersey
  2. Take a photo at the Springbok entrance (see below)
  3. Eat Springbok biltong
  4. Listen to Springbok Nude Girls music
  5. Drink a Springbokkie
  6. Drink another Springbokkie
  7. Braai Springbok meat.