Braai website now running on water

Braai Talk

Its been well and widely documented that Braai4Heritage supports the use of alien vegetation for the sourcing of braaiwood. Indigenous trees are frequently on the brink of extinction, whereas alien trees like Bluegum, Rooitkrantz and Blackwattle are all heavy users of underground water. The argument that Kameeldoring is perfect for steak, as the coals last for hours, holds little water as steak needs less than 10 minutes to braai. In our ongoing effort to save the environment, we call on all South Africans to braai as often as possible, and burn all that alien vegetation that uses our scarce water resources. But wait, there is more: Since last week, the website is hosted in a sustainable way as well. The servers that we switched to for hosting are powered by Hydro electricity generated by the flow of water in a river. I kid you not. So now, the water that we saved by burning alien trees, is powering the website, and after that people can still drink it, or use it for farming.

Water, the batteries of the Braai4Heritage website.