Braai4Heritage ambassador Citrum Khumalo


Citrum Khumalo is a South African personality chef, and has featured prominently in the media since he first began making a name for himself in 1996.  He is the Chef/Owner of Johannesburg catering company Asidle Gourmet Catering. Accomplishments include winning the prestigious Nestle Golden Chefs Hat in 2001, and being selected as a member of the Youth Team South Africa which competed in the World Youth Championships in Holland in 2001. He was also elected to represent Africa in a world competition held in Iceland in 2006. He has his own TV shows “Chef in My kitchen”, “Whip the Chef”  and has done cameos on other TV shows including that of Ainsley Harriot. He recently developed new Simba Flavours and is presently seen on TV advertising the Flavours. Unfortunately Klipdrift & Coke wasn’t one of those flavours.
He initiated the Culinary Arts Association Of South Africa (CAASA) and currently the Vice President of this association, which aims to promote South Africa and African Cuisine and also to mentor and guide south Africans that are passionate about food.

Why does Citrum Khumalo  support Braai4Heritage?

His passion of promoting South African and African cuisine is growing day by day and there wasn’t a better endorsement than Braai4Heritage which is a true South African style of cooking and it has been like this for many years. He believes it is time that we take this internationally and ensure that it is fully recognised by all as a true South African initiative. “Braai is also a very healthy way of cooking and as a chef it is one of the best methods to bring out great flavours in the food.”