Braai4Heritage ambassador Ina Paarman


Who is Ina Paarman?

Ina Paarman, a Home Economist, with years of teaching experience and an impressive record in food journalism (Mondi Award, Galliova Award, many Cookbooks and TV Programmes) Twenty years ago she started making a small range of Seasonings and Dressings at home. The business took a dramatic turn when the Paarman’s son, Graham, joined in 1990. He aggressively grew the business to become the established South African brand it is today. Ina plays a vital role in all the recipe development for their range. She will always be a teacher at heart and uses their website to showcase her cooking class videos and tested recipes with 30,000 subscribers. She taught me how to easily braai chicken pieces, and thats why I like her.

Why does Ina Paarman support Braai4Heritage?

She believes in the philosophy that the discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a new star. “When South Africans are gathered around a braai fire, we relax, we share treasured techniques, we solve the world’s problems. We talk sport, we laugh and we enjoy the beautiful gifts of sunshine, fresh air and open space around us. Warm hospitality and shared friendship come naturally to us. Our men take fierce pride in their culinary skills and knowledge of meat. They ‘wow’ the women with their prize offerings. I can only say, viva the braai, may the tradition continue for many generations to come!”