Braai4Heritage ambassador Jo-Ann Strauss


Who is Jo-Ann Strauss?

Born and raised in Cape Town, this Stellenbosch University graduate holds a B.Comm Law degree and is not only famous for going to that University at the same time as me. Her glamorous globe-trotting accomplishments also include representing South Africa at the Miss World Pageant in Puerto Rico as well as modelling alongside supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elle McPherson and Helena Christensen in Barcelona.

Why does Jo-Ann Strauss support Braai4Heritage?

“Ever since I was little, I remember the summer days when my dad would load the car with wood and the “rooster”, mom would pack the salads and blankets, us buying coals along the way and getting ready to do what most South Africans love doing! A lekker braai! The smell of the tjops, the conversation around the fire and the laughs that we’d share just makes it the most sociable way to enjoy a meal. And now, finally as a nation we can celebrate the day officially as it’s a HUGE part of our heritage. What a great initiative and I’m proud to be part of it!”