Braai4Heritage ambassador Martine Schaffer


Who is Martine Schaffer?

Martine is the Managing Director of Homecoming Revolution. She lived in London for a very long time. She describes herself as ecstatic about living in SA and the opportunities it offers and is a eternal optimist about South Africa. Whilst she is not fond of SA bashers; she loves the culture, the people, the ‘can do’ attitude, and the vibrancy that exists in our country.

Why does Martine Schaffer support Braai4Heritage?

“Celebrating one of the great mainstays of South African life wherever we are in the world is so important to our South African identity. Let’s use this opportunity to celebrate being South African and as we stand around the braai, share something good that has happened in South Africa recently. Our heritage and culture is uniquely South African and the braai is a huge part of this.”