Braai4Heritage Tour Day 13: Soweto

Braai Adventures

Quite a lot of heritage, in one street.

That Soweto was going to be a stop on the Braai4Heritage tour was always obvious. Exactly where to go in a place with so much history was the difficult decision. We ended up focussing on the only street in the world that has two Nobel Peace Prize winners as former residents, Vilakazi Street. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu both lived in this Sowetan street during earlier stages of their life. It must be noted that Desmond Tutu is the patron of the Braai4Heritage initiative.

With our tour guide Leonard in front of Desmond Tutu's house.

Sakhumzi is a braai restaurant is right next to Desmond Tutu's house in Vilakazi Street.

At Nelson Madela's house. We had to redo the TV recording a few times as a neighbor was mowing his lawn and that kept interrupting with the sound. Thus the look on my face. Shortly after this, we asked him to keep it down for a while, and he was actually very friendly and agreed. But unfortunately there is no photo of that.

A real Soweto "Buy and Braai". This is not in Vilakazi Street, but it looked so good that we had to join it.

A selection of boerewors and ox hearts was thrown on the fire.

Thank you to our guide Leonard, Ben our driver and to the crew at Themba tours (, 011 463 3306) who organized the braai at Sakhumzi ( on Vilakazi street.

The picture does not show it, but we are having a deep meaningful discussion about meat and braai styles, in Afrikaans. No jokes.