Braai Adventures

The problem with Stellenbosch is that I know it too well and thus struggle to look at the place objectively. Cape Town has a mountain, Kimberly a big hole and Pretoria has Loftus. But what exactly is the thing that would summarise Stellenbosch in one go? I still don’t have that answer. What I can tell you is that as the wine capital of South Africa, Stellenbosch was always going to be on the Braai4Heritage tour itinerary. I can also tell you what we did on day two of the tour.

Jan and Valiant trying to figure out why the lamb chops are so tough when the boerewors was so good.

Stellenbosch has three prominent streets: Birdstraat, Dorpstraat and Pleinstraat. We drove into town via Birdstraat, turned left into Pleinstraat and stopped at Eikeboom butchery. Meat, including their “Eikeboom” and “Stellenbosch” boerewors was collected and the butcher Nick went on camera to explain his views on where the best meat in the country comes from. From here we headed down Dorpstreet to my favourite bar in the world, De Akker. This also happens to be the favourite bar of Stellenbosch local, the musician Valiant Swart. I sat down at the bar counter with Valiant where we discussed music, poetry, braaing and touring around SA. Four topics he’s quite well versed in. Then it was time for business, so we headed outside where on the stoep of De Akker, with a view of Stellenbosch Mountain and joined by a few of my best friends, we proceeded to test Nic’s boerewors. Valiant was obviously in charge of entertainment and read a piece of poetry “Kom ons braai” (Let’s braai) from his new book in addition to singing a song “Die Kraai Braai” from his new CD whilst I gently couched the boerewors to readiness.
Stellenbosch might mean something else to others, for me it’s the place where my father taught me how to braai; where I meet up with my friends for a drink at De Akker; and where the best wine in the world is made.