Braai4Heritage Tour Day 34: Baviaanskloof

Braai Adventures

It should be a World Heritage Site for "man driving pleasure".

Baviaanskloof lies between the towns of Patensie (to the North) and Willowmore (to the South) in the Eastern Cape. It is called a ‘mega reserve’, a term that speaks to it’s size the biodiversity of its fauna and flora. Baviaanskloof makes up part of the first World Heritage Site we visited on tour – the Cape Floral Kingdom – and as such we decided to include it on the braaitour. But personally I think I could be a World Heritage Site for another reason altogether, “pure driving pleasure for a man”, if there was such a category.

Baviaaskloof is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, a World Heritage Site.

The road itself is a good one but requires a 4×2, in the very least, as you go through some deep rivers and over narrow, steep passes. The namesakes of the kloof – Baviaans is old Dutch for baboons – were in abundance. We also saw the odd Steenbokkie grazing the lush fields.
Our accommodation that evening was in a self-catering cave (seriously) which is a part of the famous Makedaat caves (044 923 1921,

The sign had a promise of good things to come.

Baviaanskloof is a place to clear the mind.

Baviaanskloof is a place to relax the soul.

This was the view from inside the car as we went through those puddles.

These were also a few mountain passes to cross.

In front of the cave, ready to braai steak prego rolls.

Starters: Rump braaied with olive oil in a pan on flames, flambéd with Klipdrift.

Filming in the cave. Light was a problem, wind not.

Steak prego rolls: Sliced medium rare rump steak tossed with peri peri sauce; rocket; tomato; feta cheese.