Braaiday App FAQ


IMG_2356All your Braaiday App questions answered
Do I have to braai (barbecue, bbq, grill, asado)

  • You may prepare the food in any way that you are comfortable with and will deliver best results to your guests. If you want to cook in a kitchen, that is fine. At its essence, this platform was developed to get people united around fires and feasts but it has now evolved to a place where it facilitates any social gathering where food is served.

What happens if I don’t cook the food on a fire?

  • It’s fine, simply explain what and how you’re cooking in the ‘menu’ part of the event.

How does payment work?

  • Before a guest can request a braai they have to complete their credit card details. Once a host accepts the request for a guest (and their additional friends or family members) the total money is taken of that credit card. This money stays with BRAAIDAY until the braai happens and automatically gets paid into the hosts’ account after the braai.

What happens if the host wants to cancel the braai?

  • We cannot force a host to complete a braai that they for whatever reason cannot provide anymore. Guests will be fully refunded and the host will automatically be rated negative for this braai.

What happens if the guest wants to cancel attending the braai?

  • Guests will forfeit the full amount should they cancel a braai that is already confirmed. This is very simply to protect a host that needs to start preparing meals ahead of time. They might buy meat or fish, marinate meat, cook meals that will now go off and the like. As such, and to protect the host and integrity of the system, guests may cancel their attendance out of courtesy to a host but will not receive any refund. Guests intending to not attend are still advised to notify the host for the upside of getting a positive rating as one might imagine hosts rating guests negatively when they sit around all night waiting for you and you never appear.

Can I include complimentary drinks as part of the package?

  • Yes

What happens if the host does not provide what was promised?

  • Rate the host negatively.

What happens if I don’t like the guest?

  • Rate the guest negatively.

What happens if a guest doesn’t turn up?

  • Rate the guest negatively, you as host will still get your money.

When does the host get the money?

  • As soon as the braai is done, the transfer is made. Our estimate is that it will be in your bank account in two or three working days.

What happens if there is an emergency?

  • Phone the police, ambulance or fire brigade where relevant.

What if I feel unsafe?

  • Phone family, friends or the police.

Can restaurants use this app for fixed menu meals?

  • Yes

How do I pay the host for the beverages I consumed?

  • Ask the host how much you owe them and pay in cash.

How do I communicate with the host/guest ahead of the braai?

  • As soon as a braai is matched you will receive each other’s cell phone numbers (so it’s important to enter your correct number in your profile!)

What happens if my phone runs out of power?

  • Charge it.