The Braaiday App


Braaiday App IconThe Braaiday App unites and connects people around braai fires 365 days a year.
Not content with encouraging the nation to unite around the fire during National Braai Day on Heritage Day, Jan Braai is now encouraging you to unite around fires every day with his recently launched Braaiday app. The Braaiday app is a tool for people to create braais and have guests attend; or for people to attend braais that have been created by a host; it’s an opportunity for enthusiastic braaiers to push beyond wors rolls and experiment with exciting and new braai recipes.
“Think of the Braaiday as the Uber, AirBnB and Tinder of braaing,” says Jan Braai, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative and numerous other braai-themed events. “With a few quick flicks of the switch, users can create braais at any time of day, anywhere in the world, and charge guests to attend. Alternatively, users can also search for braais anywhere in the world, and simply request to attend.”
The app is also a way for entrepreneurs, restaurants, cafes, wine farms, pop-up restaurants, food trucks, or anyone who longs to create fine food for people, to experiment with braai menus or to encourage guests to visit their establishments for braai meals. For example,  a wine farm in Constantia may want to offer a braai meal every Saturday – by using the app, the wine farm can promote their own “braaiday” without cluttering their traditional marketing channels or interfering with their core offering.
“The Braaiday app allows users a chance to experiment with recipes, test your catering or cooking ambitions, make some extra money, and provide the opportunity for traditional hospitality industry establishments to create “special menu” items or one-off braai occasions,” adds Braai.
The process is as simple as lighting a braai. A host creates a braai, a guest requests to attend it, a host accepts the request. The Braaiday platform reserves money from the guests credit card; the braai is now confirmed and host and guest are sent each other’s cellphone numbers via a push notification in the app. The host gives a great braai at the specified location and on the specified date. The guest is there to enjoy it, after which the host and guest rate each other.
The Braaiday app is for everyone who loves to braai or who loves to eat braai food. Naturally, when visitors from foreign countries come to visit South Africa, the app will then act as a way for them to experience a traditional braai. “Ultimately, as with the founding principle of National Braai Day, the aim is to get 55 million South Africans braaing together during National Braai Day on Heritage Day. The app is a way for us to further spread this message and to remind South Africans that you can braai anywhere, any time,” says Braai.