Braaiday parody song photos

National Braai Day song

It all started less than 48 hours ago when ‘Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues’ loaded their braaiday song onto YouTube. Now it has more than 20,000 views and counting. As we speak Johnny de Ridder who is one of South Africa’s top music producers (having worked with Fokofpolisiekar, Aking, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jax Panic etc etc) is busy mixing a cleaned up mastered version of the song. The Mp3 will be released later today and will be available for free download right here on
In the meanwhile, here are some photos of the two guys who are ‘Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues’ namely Gareth Allison and Nicholas Smal and the man behind National Braai Day, Jan Braai. These photos were shot yesterday in Cape Town and may be lifted from this website and reused. Please credit all photos to Should you need higher res versions of the photos, please get in touch with the National Braai Day PR agency, Wired Communications and speak to Siya or Crystal.
In all photos it is: Gareth Allison (Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues), Jan Braai (National Braai Day), Nicholas Smal (Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues).