Braaiday song free mp3 download

National Braai Day song

This next link (in orange) is a free download of the Braaiday – Friday parody – song Braaiday free mp3 (left click to play, right click to download).

  • This is the only official studio mixed and mastered version, so the sound is a bit better than on the video.
  • Radio stations, you may download and play this song free of charge.
  • Individuals, you may also download and play this song free of charge.
  • Thanks to Gareth Allison and Nic Smal (Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues) for providing the song  to their fellow South Africans, and to the world.
  • For more info on this song, take this link.
  • For photos of Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues (the artists of the song) take this link.
  • Below follows the album artwork. The lyrics of the song also follows below, and the lyrics are also imbedded in the mp3 that you can download with that orange link above.