Braai4Heritage Tour Day 30: Drakensberg

Braai Adventures

The Drakensberg is a pretty place. Pity about the guy in the foreground spoiling the view.

The Drakensberg is the seventh World Heritage site that visited on tour and arguably the most aesthetically pleasing. This natural beauty is one of two reasons cited for its status as a bastion of World Heritage. The other reason was what led to our day in Underberg: The world greatest concentration of rock-art paintings.

We had a two hour hike to rock paintings. Pretty tough on the camera crew. On the right you can see one of them, Timmy.

With 550 known sites and around 40 000 individual paintings it is a treasure chest of cultural heritage. The sites were all created by local San tribes – a permanent reminder that they once dominated the land around the Drakensberg.

Some of the rock paintings that we saw. A pointing man is apparently a pretty special type of painting.

We visited a site known as Kanti, led by our expert guide Sue Mackenzie (0826864468) who is an official rock paintings monitor for KZN Wildlife. We saw scenes featuring an Eland hunt, an animal that still roams these plains, as well as a great migration or perhaps a great hunt. Experts in this fields all have opposing views as to what some of the paintings means, but in the spirit of expressionalism it surely depends largely of what you make of it.

We braaied on a very nice farm in Underberg with Sue, Gordon and local Underberg butchers.

Sue invited us into her home that evening where we braaid with her husband Gordon and the local butchers. We braaid porterhosue steaks, sheep rib, skilpaadtjies as well as two kinds of boerewors. A great ending to a great day.