Braai4Heritage Tour Day 31: Qunu

Braai Adventures

Nelson Mandela’s contribution to South African heritage in unquestionable and intergral to understanding who we are as a society. Qunu is the place where Mandela grew up, went to school and became the man that we all know and love. It’s a place he described in a Long Walk to Freedom as the place where he spent ‘the happiest days of his childhood’.

There is a complete storyboard of Nelson Mandela's life to date at the museum.

As a child, Nelson Mandela used to slide down this rock. You sit on a broken plastic chair, steer with your hands and brake with your feet. It's great fun, especially after you get the hang of it and lose your fear of breaking an arm and a leg. In the background is my guide of the day, the very friendly Zim.

We visited the Nelson Mandela museum where our excellent guide Zim (084 396 8306) showed us around. We had our braai at Green park lodge (047 531 4746, who catered for us alongside with Barons Select Myezo Spar (043 740 1877). All the food was great, especially the Transkei Mud Pudding, thanks Christine.

The director Stephanus Rabie said I needed to do something fancy for the TV show so I made braaied Tandoori Lamb Chops with the Masala I got in Durban a few days earlier.