Braai4Heritage Tour Day 33: Grahamstown

Braai Adventures

Africa Media Matrix (their journalism department) has a real TV studio so we recorded one interview with a student there.

The department of journalism at Rhodes University in Grahamstown is the largest, oldest and most influential school of it’s kind in Africa. You need only to check the employee roll of all the major media companies – newspapers, radio, TV and government bodies – to see the influence stemming out of this place. Kevin McCallum (head sports journalist of Star newspaper), Ray Hartley (editor of Sunday Times) and David O’Sullivan (702 radio DJ) to name a few. The principle of free press and fair unbiased reporting is a core concept of democracy, and in this spirit we recognize the contribution of Rhodes University and its journalism department to the fabric of South Africa.

The real reason I went there was to spread the Braai4Heritage message to all SA's future important journalists.

It is also a fact that the current breed of Rhodes journalism students will siphon through to all the major media companies in the next few years and will then be in the perfect position to spread the Braai4Heritage message to the rest of South Africa. Thus I thought it a good idea to influence them now with free boerie rolls!

The building welcomed us in style with a personalised message.

On our way to record some funny looking students at the Drama department.

This work of art was entitled "Life Cycle" or "Circle of Life" or something.