Braai4Heritage Tour Day 38: Agulhas

Braai Adventures

This sign says you're at the southernmost point in Africa, but you're actually about 3 meters north of it.

I wanted to be at the southernmost point of Africa. It involved getting wet.

Cape Agulhas is distinctive for two reasons. It’s the southernmost point on the African continent and is also where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. If you are thinking ‘isn’t Cape Point where both those things happen’ then well, you’re wrong.

It was pretty high up there. The cameramen loved it, me not so much.

The confluence of the cold Benguela and warm Agulhas currents is renowned for its stormy temperament. Shipwrecks abound in the area and stories about them are to be found all over town. With that comes ghost stories, another trademark of the area and if you are lucky you will see the decapitated man walking around Spookdraai (Ghost bend). I was pretty exited about seeing ghosts after all the stories by the locals we were braaing with but the closest we came to ghosts were Ghost Pops at the local supermarket.

Earlier the day we bought our dinner from fishermen in a misty Struisbaai harbour, two fresh & plump Red Romans.

We're still not sure where these are on the SASSI list of endangered fish. This red/orange/green system is confusing, us braaiers need a simple yes or no to let us know whether a certain fish can be braaied or not.

We stayed at the Lagoon House that evening, hosted by Sanparks ( It is possible that Lagoon house might be the best-kept secret in the entire Sanparks network. It sits right on the beach and next to an inland lagoon in pure isolation. Epic stuff. It even has it’s own murder mystery story. The story goes that an Princess from the East, a cast-away that stayed in the area, was murdered here by a jealous farmer’s wife and that her ghost still haunts the banks of the Lagoon. Chris Davies from Getaway was pretty exited about this particular ghost, but to his disappointment we never saw this one either.

We stayed at this fantastic place, and so can you. Speak to Agulhas National Park (part of Sanparks)