Butchery in Emmerentia

Braai Information

Komatie Butchery in Emmerentia is somewhat of a icon in the Johannesburg braai and meat scene, and it’s not only down to the name. It’s mainly due to something that is related to braaing, but does not involve a fire. Komatie Butchery sells some of the best biltong to be found in Gauteng. They have all the other braai merchandise you’d expect – steak, chops and their own recipe of boerewors – but make sure you walk out with enough biltong to last you for a while. If might also be wise to phone ahead for big orders as they run out from time to time due to demand.
Komatie Butchery can also hook you up with a lamb spit, a handy service given that they are supplying us with lamb for our 60 Day lamb give-away. 

  • Location: 40 Greenhill Road, Emmerentia
  • Telephone Number: (011) 646 1008
  • Website: www.komatie.co.za
  • Opening Times: Monday to Friday 05:00am – 19:00pm