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When you’re braaing, staring into the orange flames of a fire, you are taking a break from life. Similarly, when you are taking a break in the classical sense of the word, at school or work, you literally are taking a break. And so I conclude that braaing and taking a break are similar spiritual animals. Naturally, then, one of ...



This is a great recipe to prepare a day before when you are going on a road trip. Remember to pack your jaffle maker, extra fire wood and your tongs on top so you have easy access to it, to stop next to the road at a picnic area and braai your jaffles.



If you’ve never made dough in your life, there’s no shame in asking someone who has done it before to show you what it means to ‘knead it into one pliable piece’.Baking bread is an ancient skill, and a fulfilling one, so you need to master it. The tricky part is making the dough. If you’ve never made dough in your life, the recipe below will probably look quite daunting the frst time you read it. Take a deep breath, drink a beer, and read it again. Like riding a bicycle it’s surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it


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Coconut ice is very easy to make and is made with non-perishable ingredients. You can always make it before a braai and spoil your guests with something special. Ingredients 1 packet (500g) icing sugar 1 packet (400g) desiccated coconut 1 tin condensed milk 5 ml vanilla essence 5 ml lemon juice a little bit of extra milk in case you ...


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During the filming of this episode we used local produce from Prins Albert. Made sure you use good quality ingredients to have the best braaibroodjie! Ingredients 8 slices of freshly baked bread 2 tomatoes, sliced 1 red onion, sliced salt and pepper 200g good quality cheddar cheese 1 packet good quality bacon olive oil Method Braai the bacon over hot ...


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The Marguez sausage is full of flavour and filled with cumin, chilli and paprika flavours! Served best on the braai! Ingredients enough Marguez sausage for 6 rolls 6 bread rolls tomato slices rocket leaves Teriyaki flavoured mayonnaise Method Braai the Marguez sausage over hot coals until cooked, The sausage is a bit thicker than the average sausage, so make sure ...


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This recipe is based on the famous Huevos Rancheros, but we added a South African vibe, so we call it the Boerseun Breakfast Ingredients olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 1 teaspoon chilli powder Jan Braai peri peri sauce 1 tin chopped tomatoes salt and pepper 6 eggs 1 packet streaky bacon fresh bread, toasted on the ...



A ‘slider’ is the culinary term for a miniature hamburger or more accurately, a small piece of meat served on a mini bread roll. The sweetness of the sherry complements the spiciness of the boerewors perfectly.



Think of a sausage roll pie from a garage mixed with roosterkoek and boerewors! Then you get the Boerewors sausage roll! Ingredients 1 packet good quality boerewors tomato sauce and mustard for serving For the roosterkoek: 4 cups flour 1 tot sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 packet instant yeast about 2 cups luke warm water   Method Start to make ...