Cream Onion Chicken


Posted by Dianna Da Costa Ingredients 1 medium onion 1 medium green pepper 500g chicken breast 2 table spoons of oil 1 packet royco white onion soup 400 ml milk Method In a swartpotjie on coals: Fry onion in oil. Add chicken, when chicken is done add green pepper. Mix white onion soup and milk and add to chicken. Simmer ...

Tofu veggie kebabs


Posted by Adam Penn-Nicholson Ingredients Marinade Apple cider vinegar Lemon juice Peri-peri sauce Soy sauce Olive oil Fresh garlic, finely chopped or minced Sesame seeds Method Chop tofu into large chunks and allow to dry at room temperature for 20min. Mix all marinade ingredients in a bowl and pour mixture over the tofu. Mix well and leave in sealed container ...

Sweet Potatoes


Posted by Anelia from Mpumalanga Ingredients Medium size sweet potatoes Foil Butter Salt Method Cover each sweet potatoe in foil. Place between the burning coals. Leave for approximately one hour. Enjoy with butter and salt. SHARE THIS RECIPE

Braai’d Butternut


Posted by Belinda Ingredients 1 x large butternut 1 x tbls Olive oil 1 x tsp Origanum or Rosemary Salt & pepper to taste Method Skin the butternut Slice butternut into disks Mix other ingredients together Marinade the disks in mixture for 15 min (can be marinated the day before) Braai the butternut till soft SHARE THIS RECIPE

Tongmaster’s Chicken Pot


Posted by Tongmaster Ingredients Chicken drumsticks Chicken Thighs Oil 4 Chopped onions 1 TBSP crushed garlic 1 TSBP crushed ginger Worcester Sauce Salt Pepper Spices 1 Bottle of white wine 6 chopped tomatoes 1kg baby potatoes Butternut Sweet Potatoes Carrots Green Beans Tomato Paste Green Pepper Mushrooms 250ml Fresh Cream Method Pot on flames. Oil in pot. Fry onions, garlic ...

Ally’s Super Snoek Recipe


Posted by David Moffat Ingredients This recipe is similar to the Kaapse Snoek Braai one, but has a few more ingredients and a slightly different method in preparartion, but goes down well every time! Try it out, best done on a weber using the direct method, brickets nice and white and hot. 1 fresh Snoek, salted 250g Butter 250g Apricot ...