Jan Braai vir Erfenis Episode 5

Jan Braai vir Erfenis

Early morning hot-air balloon ride.

This is an episode for every one that has a sweet tooth! (i.e. the ladies – JanBraai)  Jan experienced decadent chocolates in Tulbach, made apple pie in Ceres and tasted the best rusks in the world in Prince Alfred’s Hamlet.
The charming historical town of Tulbagh is in the winelands of the Boland in the Western Cape.  Tulbach is known for its beautiful buildings that was painstakingly restored to its original glory post the infamous 1969 earthquake. The 32 buildings that line Church street now constitute the largest concentration of National Monuments in a single street in South Africa.
First stop in Tulbach is a chocolate tasting at Moniki’s.  Moniki uses mostly Belgian couverture chocolate that contains 70 % cacao. This is in line with the European style of making chocolate. The result is a chocolate with an intensive flavour and a lingering aftertaste. But Jan wanted something with a little more South-African flavour and convinced Moniki to make a “boerewors chocolate”.  The jury is still out on wether Jan should pursue a career as a chocolatier.

Filling the boerewors chocolates!

What we do know is that Jan loves walking, hiking and exploring, so a visit to the Tarzan shoe factory was a must.  Here we saw the making of some sturdy, good quality veldskoene, all done by hand.  Jan left with two pairs and was so impressed by them he even went horse riding with his new shoes. It’s a proudly South African business and if you see some Tarzan vellies, buy them. To go horse riding outside Tulbach, contact Horse About and speak with Jo (082 8849881)
The team escaped from the cold in front of a massive fireplace in the cozy Fairfield Mountain cottages.  These eco-friendly, comfortable little houses are nestled in the Ceres mountains and are a perfect place to escape to for a relaxing weekend far away from city chaos. Coincidentally, they are operated by Lizanne Malherbe, one of Jan’s university friends! Ceres and Tulbach are a mere 20 minutes drive apart and the road snakes through the magnificent Michell’s Pass.   Ceres is a well-known destination for its fresh fruit, fruit juices and mineral water.  Today there are more pear trees in this fertile region than all other Cape fruit regions combined. The region dominates the export market of peaches, apples, plums, grapes, potatoes and onions.  Jan left Ceres Fruit Growers with a box of fresh, sweet Fuji apples and decided the fire and a big black pot was the perfect invitation for an easy apple pie. (Fuji apples are awesome, if you ever get your hands on them, buy them! – JanBraai)

Apple tart in a swartpotjie? Yes we can!

It was minus 2 degrees when Jan got up the next morning at 5am for a hot air balloon ride, but the sunrise over the Ceres valley made it an unforgettable experience. If you are in Ceres and don’t have acess to a hotair balloon, drive up the Gydo Pass as the view from there is pretty insane as well. Last stop was at the Mamamac’s bakkery for some delicious rusks, because few things are more proudly South-African than a “braai and beskuit“!
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