Guinness World Record attempt underway!


The V&A Waterfront’s seen some momentous occasions in the past, but this might just be the biggest one yet. At nine o’clock on Thursday morning, in front of a small ub enthusiastic crowd, Jan Braai did what he does every single day of his life: started to braai. But this time, he won’t be stopping once the first meat is done; instead, he’ll be tending the fire, turning meat, and soldiering happily through 30 hours of braaing, and a new Guinness World Record for Longest Braai. History in the raaing, so to speak.
Karan steak, ribs from BRM, Freddy Hirsch boerewors, vegetarian burgers from Fry’s, and an assortment of chicken and lamb chops, all supplemented by Castle and Klipdrift, form the thrust of an effort being monitored by three official observers, two video cameras, and an official judge from Guinness World Records, who’ll monitor the assault on the current mark (28 hours, by a soon to be disconsolate German), and declare the new record approved at around three o’clock on Friday afternoon.
By that time, even the great Jan Braai might require some respite from his tongs, but he’ll get some much-needed sleep as a new world record holder, provided he can negotiate the remainder of the challenge. The small hours of Friday morning loom as the toughest part of breaking the record, but with National Braai Day little more than a week away, and plenty of public and media support, the omens look good. If you’re in the Cape Town area, swing by and say hello; we’ll reward you with some meat, and the thrill of being part of an official Guinness World Record in the breaking.