How to braai boerewors

Braai Information

Boerewors should be braaied medium. You want it at the point of maximum moisture without any of the meat still being pink. Unlike steak, you will need to turn it a few (3-5) times to achieve perfection.  Not enough turning can result in burning or bursting the skin. When braaing boerewors in a closed grid, turning is no problem. The problem with turning arises when braaing a proper lengthy piece of boerewors on an open grid. Its difficult to turn, and you end up with half burnt, half raw, broken boerewors. A lot of juice gets lost, pieces of mince fall into the fire, and it does not look pretty. This is what you do:

How to braai boerewors. If you have never seen this, your life just changed.

Coil the wors on a flat surface. Take two skewers (metal or wood). Push the two skewers all the way through the boerewors, at a 90-degree angle to each other. The boerewors can now easily be turned with a pair of tongs. Consult the photo above if the instructions are unclear. Loss of juice is minimal as the holes created by the skewers are mostly blocked by the skewers. The minimal juice that escapes is negligible compared to what you will lose if the wors breaks when you turn it with no support. Now you know how to braai boerewors.