How to butterfly a chicken


We live in a time where it is so easy to buy a microwave meal, processed foods or a whole roast chicken, and that’s probably why most people never learn the basics of preparing whole foods.  To live a more healthy and organic life does not necessarily need to be more expensive or take much longer, you just need to put in the effort. With a little patience and practice, you can master butterflying a chicken in 10 minutes.

The great thing about a whole chicken is that it is much cheaper than buying breasts or drumsticks separately, and you can always use what’s left over for lunch the next day. All you need is a sharp pair of scissors – I always have a sharp pointed pair of scissors handy in the kitchen because they are great for cleaning prawns as well, and more versatile than normal scissors. If the raw chicken makes you squeal, use gloves for this exercise.


  1. Remove the neck from the body and trim away any fat along the cavity.
  2. Removing the Backbone
    Turn the chicken upside down so that the back is facing up and the drumsticks point towards you, and then use the scissors to cut along the backbone on both sides. Remove the backbone completely.
  3. Remove any access fat found in and around the carcass.
  4. To clean simply rinse thoroughly under running water.
  5. Put the chicken down skin-side-up and point the wings towards the legs.

That’s it! Now just spice it however you prefer and pop it on medium coals for 40-50 minutes. Voila